Support Lollipop Day by fundraising online

Lollipop Day is back and we need your support to help raise awareness and fund life-saving cancer research and raise awareness of the signs & symptoms of Oesophageal Cancer.

Fundraising online is a simple and effective way of showing your support :

Why not join us online to

Run your own virtual Lollipop Day collection


Create your own online fundraising event or challenge

This year, you do Lollipop Day your way – and get your FREE fundraising pack today ❤

You can create your Lollipop Day fundraiser on Facebook in just a few clicks here :

Don’t use Facebook? Don’t worry! You can also get involved online via iDonate:

Whether you decide to take on a challenge to promote your fundraising or you simply share on social media or with friends and family, we will be there to support you all the way!

Your fundraising will help us to raise awareness and make a real difference this Lollipop Day. Thank you.


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