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Following a difficult 2021, where our flagship event could not go ahead for the first time in 20 years, the OCF team are delighted to announce that Lollipop Day will be back for 2022.

We are very excited to get back out on the streets and amongst our communities of supporters across Ireland again next year to make this Lollipop Day the best and most successful yet.

To date Lollipop Day has raised €2 million for cancer research. Research that’s helping save lives.  You help us fund Ireland’s independent national Barrett’s Oesophagus Registry and Biobank, so we can now catch this complex cancer at the pre-cancerous (preventative) and/or early stage using innovative laser treatment, ongoing monitoring, and patient surveillance, according to international guidelines.  This means patients, when caught early enough, can now avoid invasive surgery. Consistent funding results in ground-breaking treatments, creating better patient outcomes.  Lollipop Day is our anchor fundraiser.  Without its success, the ship goes down and we cannot continue our pioneering work.

Please support Lollipop Day 2022 and allow OCF be by the side of patients who need us.


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