Christmas Jumper Day 2022

December 9th is officially Christmas Jumper Day this year so why not don your favourite festive woolly in support of those affected by Oesophageal Cancer this holiday season.

Companies, community members, individuals and schools are all invited to join us to take part on December 9th or on a day of your own choosing as we will be celebrating all throughout December!

Wear it to school, wear it to work, wear it to the shops – wherever you will be on December 9th, wear your Christmas jumper to spread some festive cheer and raise funds to help bring the good fight to a bad cancer.

Need some inspiration on how to organise a Christmas Jumper Day fundraiser or get involved otherwise? See some ideas below!


  • Wear your Chistmas Jumper on Christmas Jumper Day, make a donation and and encourage your friends and family t0 do the same
  • Host a Christmas Jumper Brunch/Dinner/Party for friends and asking everyone to donate the cost of a coffee/drink to the fundraising page
  • Ask your employer to match any funds that you raise through your fundraising efforts


  • Organise a Christmas Jumper Day for the office or team Zoom call and ask participants to donate to the Christmas Jumper Day fundraising page. Download the QR code from your fundraising page and put it on posters around the office so that colleagues can scan and donate easily.
  • Ask your colleagues or friends to wear a Christmas jumper they already own on Christmas Jumper Day and donate the cost of buying a new one to the group fundraising page – bonus points for sustainability!
  • Ask your boss if they will match all donations or donate to the page of the person who wins ‘Best Christmas Jumper’ (put it to a vote!)


  • Organise a Festive Jumper Friday for your school and set up a fundraising page for this event. Everyone donates €10 to wear their jumper!



  • I would like to donate – how can I send my contribution?

    ONLINE: Donating online is the easiest option. You can make a one-time donation to Christmas Jumper Day or monthly donation online using a card HERE

    BY MAIL: Please send cheques, bank drafts or postal orders to: Chrostmas Jumper Day, Oesophageal Cancer Fund, 14 Merville Road, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin

    We will send you a receipt by post for donations received by mail.

  • I held an OCF Christmas Jumper Day fundraiser – how do I return my money?

    ONLINE FUNDRAISER: You can set-up your own fundraising page under the Christmas Jumper day campaign HERE! You can share it with your friends and colleagues if they wish to support your initiative and donate too.

    DIRECT DONATION: Online is the easiest and most secure way to send in the money you collect from your supporters. You can do this using a card HERE

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