Take on the Remember in September Challenge this Autumn and Run, Walk or jog the distance of a marathon in 30 days to support Oesophageal Cancer Prevention & Research

Who will you take on the challenge for?

Take on the challenge in memory of someone you love 


In honour and remembrance of a challenge you or a loved one has overcome

And challenge yourself to take on a marathon across the month of September

What is the ‘Remember In September’ Challenge?

Remember in September is the marathon in a month challenge in which we honour and remember Oesophageal Cancer patients, families, survivors and friends.

It is the family friendly challenge where you can run, walk or jog 42k in your way across the month of September in support of Oesophageal Cancer Prevention & Research.

It’s free to sign up and open to all!

Remember in September is our way of honouring those we love and the challenges we ourselves have faced

Sign Up Today : https://www.idonate.ie/event/3792_remember-in-september.html

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