Make our virtual lollipop your profile picture for Lollipop Month or feature it on your timeline throughout April. (available from April 1st 2021)

Here’s how it works.

Creating a Facebook Fundraiser is a great way to raise money. Your friends, family and co‐workers can donate easily and securely through Facebook, and the money lands directly into The Oesophageal Cancer Fund’s bank account. Follow the easy steps below to set up your OCF Fundraiser.

Head over to the Oesophageal Cancer Fund’s Facebook Page here 

On the page under the photo banner select Fundraisers. Select the Raise Money button. Facebook will ask you to set a fundraising target and the closing date of your fundraiser. You can decide what is best for you.

Add a description to your fundraiser and share your personal story about why you’re organising a fundraiser in aid of OCF. This helps your supporters understand the importance of our work, and most especially what the OCF might mean to you, and your family. You might like to edit the photo on the fundraiser and add your own personal image, too.


Every year our amazing supporters – like you – all over Ireland organise LOLLIPOP DAY Fundraisers, raising the vital funds needed for Ireland’s pioneering research to combat Oesophageal Cancer.

Your generous Fundraising has funded ground-breaking research, giving hope to our patients, it has also helped us raise €2 million since our first Lollipop Day, 20 years ago, this year.

“Shake your Lolly” virtually, for the month of April. LET’S SHAKE and SHARE, together

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