Dr Declan Soden

The new-tech project is only the latest in the OCF’s partnerships with Dr. Soden. Having obtained his B.Sc. in molecular biology from UCC and completed a PhD investigating the regulation of gene expression, he completed his PhD at Lund University, Sweden before joining the CCRC. He worked as a Group Leader for the Centre in the area of gene and drug delivery from February 2003 and was responsible for running several clinical trials that involved the treatment of unresponsive cancers.

Dr. Soden has worked in the area of Immuno-Gene Therapy and targeted delivery to tumours for the last decade. In that time his group has initiated several Phase I clinical trials, with currently over 500 patients having received a novel form of therapy for in-operable skin cancers.
His group a have also developed a technology for the treatment of lung, liver, pancreatic and gastrointestinal tract cancers which facilitates a significant improvement in local drug or DNA absorption without the normally associated systemic side effects. Some of his achievements over the years include:

  • The development of patented medical devices for the minimally invasive electroporation assisted ablation of internal cancers. (Grant fund from the OCF)
  • The co-ordination of CCRC engagement with an EU-funded Cancer Network of Excellence, which provides collaborative links with 20 leading EU cancer centres. (Grant fund from the OCF)
  • Received Irish Medicines Board approval to commence a Phase I trial using a new endoscopic system to treat Colorectal Cancer (November 2009) and Lung Cancer (April 2011).
  • Awarded Innovation of the Year award for 2011 based on Lung Cancer work.
  • Awarded Pfizers Innovation through Teamwork award – 2014
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