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Getting Support

Your cancer care team knows what treatment is best for you. But once outside the hospital gates, where “life goes on”, our patients tell us, oftentimes, that is when a different kind of help is needed.

And so, the OCF has developed many resources to support patients and their loved ones in the wider world, outside the confines of the medical establishment.

In the pages that follow we’ll introduce you to our support network, remember it’s a two-way street and whatever your needs or concerns, we’d also love to hear from you. We’re here to listen to you, learn from you and to help you tap into our growing and vibrant nationwide community.

Feel free to reach out and contact us on: 01 289 7457 or call Noelle on: 087 299 7820

The journey may be long, but it needn’t be lonely.

Our work is as relevant today as it was at the start, almost two decades ago, and so I feel it’s really important that we can provide support in a practical and relevant way for patients of this cancer, and their families. We’re a niche cancer and without the OCF our patients would have nowhere to turn.

Noelle Ryan
Chairperson and CEO

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