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The more you can give, the more good we can do. Thank You!


On Lollipop Day, every research-funded cent we collect is thanks to your generous donations, big and small. To date over €1.8 million has funded research into better understanding this difficult cancer.

Your generous donation will continue to help us impact the lives of anyone affected by this disease.


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Professor John V Reynolds
National Lead for Oesophageal Cancer

St James's Hospital

Lollipop Day has nationwide impact in Oesophageal Cancer.  Ireland’s Barrett’s Oesophagus Registry supports early detection in an at-risk population, where it occurs. Nowadays, an early pick-up of this cancer is usually completely curable, with most patients avoiding major surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It’s enormously successful. Lollipop Day monies also support scientific research trying to improve cure rates; and contribute to an Irish-led international clinical trial.  This life-changing progress is 100% thanks to ongoing public generosity on Lollipop Day, either through donations or volunteer work. Working together we can truly enhance the quality of life for our patients.

What Your Money Funds

National Barrett’s Oesophagus Registry & Bio Bank

Giving today means you’re funding high quality scientific research in Ireland, helping save lives.

Giving today means we can continue to better understand and effectively treat this tricky cancer.

Giving today means we can keep working to positively impact our patients’ lives.

What this means for our patients:


Proactive Solutions

We can now tailor and prescribe better interventions at the pre-cancerous stage.


Crucial Insights

We can help identify who may and who may not progress to Oesophageal Cancer.


Better Together

Your donation is the link in the chain – providing access to wider funding support with other cancer research bodies.


Carmel’s Story

Early detection is key

  • Don’t ignore heartburn.
  • Be proactive. Get checked by your GP.
  • It’s not a problem if it’s not ignored.

We’re bringing the good fight to a bad cancer.
Helping one patient at a time.

Thank you for playing your part.



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