A Chat, a Cup of Tea and a Bite to Eat... Can Work Wonders

Patient Initiatives

One hugely popular patient initiative was started by inspiring Oesophageal Cancer survivor, Breedge Conway, who was determined not to have to go it alone.

She reached out, connected with other patients and built a core idea that remains a central part of the OCF patient support programme to this day, in the form of what Breedge named “Chew & Chat” sessions, monthly meet-ups, currently in Dublin and Limerick, where you can come along for a cuppa and a chat, to share your story with others and to hear theirs.

For more information on both Dublin and Limerick meet-ups, feel free to contact Noelle on: 087 299 7820

Here’s a personal note from Breedge:

Breedge Conway
Oesophageal Cancer Survivor

Chew & Chat is an informal gathering of people who have been impacted by Oesophageal Cancer and subsequent surgery/treatment. It came about as a result of two people, complete strangers being put in touch with each-other, through the OCF. We shared our experiences: diagnosis, surgery, fears and concerns about eating and not eating and tips to manage our adapted digestive systems. We then had a ‘light bulb’ moment realising there must be other people who would enjoy and benefit from similar chats. There were! The group meets, usually on the last Thursday of the month, in Dublin, in St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Food Court at 4pm. The time and date is confirmed prior to the meeting via text/WhatsApp.

Chew & Chat

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