New Research – The Top 10 Research Priorities

We’re excited to report our Priority Setting Partnership (PSP), a research study, by Dr Claire Donohoe and research team at St. James’s Hospital involving a multi-disciplinary collaboration between Oesophageal Cancer patients, carers and healthcare professionals (HCPs) working together to gather their opinions about identifying what they most need from the research field to improve the way medical professionals treat them. These project outcomes will be used as a guide for researchers and funding bodies alike, to focus and support research that aims to answer key treatment questions from this collective of people.
Surveys (via mail and online) will probe into questions like: how to identify areas where there is requirement for more diagnosis and treatment certainty.

Once the survey responses are collated, the project will then involve a series of meetings, followed by a workshop with patients, carers and healthcare professionals working together to generate a list of the 10 most important unanswered questions about diagnosis, treatment and care of Oesophageal Cancer patients.

See below the link for further details on how we can improve the patient care journey. Participation is fully confidential. To find out more, visit:

email: for any specific survey questions.

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