Noelle Ryan

Noelle Ryan, OCF Founder & Patient Support Services

Noelle founded the OCF with a group of friends in 2001, following the loss of a dear childhood friend, Lucilla Hyland, to this cancer. Turning this personal tragedy into a force for good pretty much encapsulates her approach to life. With the passion, enthusiasm and energy she brings to her role. Noelle lives and breathes the OCF brand values of: Support, Community and Zeal as evidenced in her hands-on approach across all facets of the organisation.

Her qualifications are in the field of Occupational Therapy, so she’s been working in the caring profession all her adult life, holding the position of Senior Occupational Therapist with the HSE, responsible for assessment, planning and implementation of Occupational Therapy treatment and rehabilitation from hospital discharge to re-entry into the community. And so, it’s unsurprising that Noelle’s unique and varied skillset transfers so well to the OCF. Her skills, coupled with her drive to raise awareness of this difficult cancer in support of a growing, spirited community of patients make her a unique asset.

Downtime for her means enjoying her love of travel, in between the odd round of golf or intimidatingly energetic tennis match, but most of her passion and commitment is reserved for her job. In this, Noelle is fortunate to have assembled a terrifically dedicated and creative team to support the OCF’s ongoing, vital work.

To enquire about OCF’s patient support services please email info@ocf.ie

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