Every step of the way

The Journey

Patients often tell us during their treatment, and most especially the days, weeks and months immediately following the end of treatment can be an especially difficult time. Life is expected to simply go on, you’re expected to simply pick back up where you left off. But that is not always possible.

The experience of illness can make lasting changes to your outlook, even if you’re fully recovered. And some people who’ve had cancer in the past can have other health problems in the future. Some may even develop other cancers.

Each stage of this journey can bring its own challenges, it can be a lonely, stressful and isolating time. It’s important to think holistically, and to safeguard your nutritional, physical and psychological wellbeing as well as your overall outlook. Across these pages you’ll find useful, practical pointers on taking care of yourself — your whole self — along this journey that’s personal to you.

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