Farewell for now Noelle ….. but not Goodbye!

A Message from the OCF Trustees

As most of you are aware, Noelle finishes up today as CEO of the OCF.  We couldn’t let this occasion pass without saying a heartfelt thanks to you, Noelle, to show our deep appreciation of what you have achieved.

Twenty years ago, after the premature passing of a dear friend Lucilla Hyland, a few of us sat around a kitchen table and planted the seeds of the OCF.  Starting with a dinner dance fundraiser, we soon turned our attention to the idea of Lollipop Day as a way of raising funds for cancer research and awareness of the symptoms of Oesophageal Cancer. Back in 2001, we had some idea of where we wanted to go but no clear plan on how to get there. Noelle, you took on the role of leading the charity and have grown OCF to be the successful charity it is today. We would not be where we are today without having had you at the helm. Thanks to your efforts we have a successful brand and profile which raises funds for much needed research, an active Patient Support group, strong relationships in the medical world, corporate sponsors, a very informative website, and a loyal body of supporters from far and wide. As a result of all you have done, and the money raised over the last 20 years the research funded by the charity has enabled better outcomes and easier patient journeys. You have created a community of patients and families who get enormous benefit from a shared experience.

We are sure that your enormous contribution will have been recognised and appreciated by all involved with the OCF over the years – the patients, the supporters, the medics, the patrons, and the team of staff you have led for the past 20 years.  On behalf of all these groups of people, we, the Trustees, want to express our heartfelt appreciation for all the hard work, long hours, late nights, and your utter commitment and passion that have brought us to where we are today.  Honestly, without you we cannot even imagine that the OCF would have ever achieved such success. We would also like to acknowledge the valuable contribution that your family has made to OCF, like you, always going beyond the call of duty – how lucky we have been.

We look forward to your return in the Autumn to take on the important role of developing our Patient Services and, in the meantime, would like to wish you a well-deserved break.

With sincere thanks and appreciation

Julie Colby

Caroline Crowley

Aoife Stokes

OCF Trustees


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