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There are a great number of ways that you can choose to get involved with our charity; volunteering of your time and energy is a way to do this, it genuinely means so much to us.  For example, volunteers are hands down the key reason Lollipop Day – our national fundraising days are consistently successful. Your help is far-reaching.  By choosing to volunteer of your time, in however possible for you, you’re joining us in our mission to rid the country of Oesophageal Cancer, and to support and care for its sufferers until that happens.

Though we have a small core team of four full-time staffers, the bulk of our work in the community is carried out by dedicated volunteers, our own team of true everyday heroes. If you have time and energy to give to this most worthy cause, consider volunteering — your involvement can be scaled up or down with your availability, and the specific role tailored to your own unique talents and areas of interest.

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