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A disease as difficult and widely misunderstood as Oesophageal Cancer requires very specific and painstaking research. The OCF supports a variety of institutions that are on the very cutting edge of that research, helping to find innovative new treatments for sufferers but also more effective paths toward its ultimate eradication.

And the research has tangible, lifesaving results. For example, nowadays patients with certain types of diagnosis and at certain stages, may be able to avoid invasive surgical procedures as part of their treatment – a breakthrough that would have been unheard of just 10 years ago.

When deciding which of the many cancer research projects to fund, we at the OCF look through individual programme and project grant applications in clinical and translational research, in the field of Oesophageal Cancer. Clinical research can be aimed at any aspect of the disease spectrum, including epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis, assessment and staging, and management of Oesophageal Cancer.

Public health awareness and epidemiological studies are of great interest to us as well as studies which investigate symptom palliation and quality of life, especially if those studies are national collaborative studies with better reflect the national profile of the OCF’s fundraising

  • Clinical Trials And Research Initiatives
  • PERK Project | St. James's Hospital

Professor John V. Reynold's, St. James's Hospital | Clinical Trials And Research Initiatives

A collaboration between the OCF and Dr. Margaret Dunne, Research Assistant Professor/Cancer Immunologist, Trinity College/St. James’s Hospital.

The PERK Project initiative is mainly about empowering the general public to better understand, and learn more, about this niche cancer. We worked with a group of young people to help inform us how to communicate in simple, understandable ways so that the public might be more aware of the symptoms, understand treatment and generally, be less overwhelmed about this cancer.

What’s wonderful about this initiative is that it motivated people to become more involved in cancer research in an active and meaningful way.

Dr. Margaret Dunne | PERK Project

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