How Much Difference Can My Donation Make?

Why Donate?

Your donation helps fund breakthrough research.

Professor John V Reynolds, Professor of Surgery, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon
Trinity College Dublin | St. James’s Hospital

It’s great to be able to monitor patients with Barrett’s Oesophagus and keep them under surveillance; if you are lucky enough to have that diagnosis early, through the programme supported by the OCF and Lollipop Day, we know now from our follow up over the last number of years that for the vast majority of patients that’s it, it’s gone for good…

Niamh Clarke | Research Co-Ordinator, Bio Bank Manager
St. James’s Hospital

Thanks to OCF funding my role has been created to learn more about this type of cancer through research… we now have 100s of samples ready to go so it speeds up our research and also the possibilities of that research… as the quality is more substantial, we can share our learnings throughout Ireland and internationally which we couldn’t do without these vital funds.


Not everyone is as lucky as I was… I’m alive today because someone like you supports the great work of this charity…


As a survivor I treasure every day I get to have breakfast with my wife, and each night I get to kiss her goodnight…

Any donation, no matter how small, is an investment in life, hope and practical, hands-on help to Oesophageal Cancer patients in their hour of greatest need. And when you help us, you don’t just help them too, you help an entire community of people; friends, family, parents, colleagues, partners who are also affected, each and every time another one person is diagnosed.

Whatever amount you can afford is the right amount to give, whether it’s a few euro when you think of it or a more sizable one-off tax-deductible donation. And you can also give of your time by participating in (or organising) a fundraising event.

Whatever you can give us, in terms of support, we thank you on behalf of the many hundreds of people you will be helping, and on behalf of ourselves. Each donation we receive reaffirms our commitment to meet the challenges of this difficult, niche, hard-to-treat cancer with renewed resolve.
Thank you.

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